ARNHEM SUPERCROSS – 22 october, at 19:00 – LIKE IN AMERICA!

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Arnhem (NL) Saturday 22nd October, at 19:00
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The GELREDOME, the Stadium venue able to host other than 30.000 spectators all seated around the parterre, will be the Theatre of one of the most important Supercross events ever held in Europe.

This large multifunctional location, whose name is taken from its region, GELDERLAND, is famous for usually hosting the concerts of some of the most important international Stars on tour (from Prince to Iron Maiden and Justin Bieber), other than to be the home of VITESSE (the football team that participates EREDIVISIE, the Dutch football major league). Already known as “the greatest Theatre in Netherland”, is characterized by the typical comforts of the most modern multifunctional buildings, plus by some particulars, that are rare in Europe, but very linked to the traditional American Supercross:

– The possibility to completely close or open the roof in 25 minutes!

– The capacity to totally throw outside the football field in about 8 hours!

Once the field will be out of- the stadium, the floor will be an empty arena as a “lions’ den”, with a very large parterre, constituted by a wide plan of cement where the circuit will be built: for its extension and dimensions, it can be compared with those Supercross tracks, that are built in AMERICA!

The riders list is still to be completed and soon will be announced the names of the participants, that will comprehend anyway a crew of American & European Top-riders. The on-line registration form will be soon ready on the website ARNHEMSUPERCROSS.COM, Arnhem will be the unique single round valid to become the Supercross Champion of Europe.

About ticket prices, the large capacity available will allow to offer a wide range of sits and prices to be choosen, in order to apply the proper model used in America, where the large number of people is advantaged. In fact it’s possible to purchase with promotional discount until the 7th of AUGUST: adult ticket will start from 27,90 (fee excluded).



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