Finally a stadium LIKE IN AMERICA! It means having the right space to get the right speed, to create six lanes easily and stop the lap time of the fastest riders around 60 seconds! Namely, having the chance of making a Supercross track NO LIMITS …

1) 20 RIDERS ON START – There are about 65 meters from the starting line to the first corner on the left, even if the flat track used for the starting continues for another 35 meters, drawing a real and long “S” left / right. The track continues after the first corner, crossing the “Holeshot line” and three lanes, then enters the wave line which marks the end of lane 5. This lane goes directly towards the “bob”, it enters lane 6 from the left, marking the actual start of the “regular” lap;

2) LANE 6 – After an important series of whoops, you must face the long triple of the Finish Line and the following double jump before the 80° bend which puts in the Pit Lane;

3) LANE 1 – You get there after running along the whole Box Line at high speed and really launched from the “long jump” next to the starting gate. At this point, the track rhythm is “broken” by an another “long jump” in the middle of the straight, which leads towards the 90° corner, with double trajectory (inside / outside): the rider can choose how to reach the right speed in order to overcome the next obstacle in a triple or in a quadruple;

4) LANE 2 – The beginning of the lane is marked by a” Table Top castle” and big whoops to overcome: only those who will face and will overcome this part of the track in the best way, will have the sufficient speed to close the quadruple at the end of the lane;

5) LANE 3 – It begins with a wave zone to be overcome with the best ‘timing’, thanks to the available speed obtained in the previous left corner, then a short flat part of the track before a fantastic and unbelievable triple jump;

6) LANE 4 – a spectacular series of ‘Table Top’ located near the output of the right corner, followed by a short flat section and by the Jump, which really shoots you in the sandy section with the “Supercorner” full of wave and towards a big sand double jump, from where the next lane starts;

7) LANE 5 – after the big double-sand-jump where the landing throws you towards the very difficult section of rhythmic whoops, both in length and height, which are placed to close this lane in the direction of the left corner, which continues in lane 6, that is the one which goes straight to the Finish Line for the end of the lap;

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