This venue, build in 1998, has been projected as multi-functional building and for this reason it is called “the greatest theatre in Netherlands”. In fact, among his main characteristics, one is the opportunity to use the Stadium with the option of “open / closed” roof.

It usually is the home of “Vitesse” soccer team that participate the Eredivisie, the major league in Netherlands. More than football matches, the GelreDome has been the location of the main events in Netherlands, starting from concerts of World Stars’ on Tour, till to indoor sport events like MonsterJam.

All that is possible thanks to the “futuristic” conception at the base of this flexible structure: in fact, other than the closing roof, the field is literally “thrown out” from the dome and so the remaining wide empty parterre inside can be used in several ways to organize different kinds of events.

By its nature, it is ready to host the public of Great Events: 4 large stands very close to parterre, for a general capacity of 29.600.

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