OFF ROAD pro racing presents the Supercross!


With this preview we show the track that will be realized indoor at the Gelredome (link virtual tour Gelredome): his building needs about 4.000 m3 of dirt and about 1.000 m3 of sand.
This concerns about a REAL AMERICAN SUPERCROSS, BOTH FOR THE AVAILABLE AREA AND FOR THE FEATURES: the progression will be about 650m, marked with two series of Whoops, spectacular jumps, a sequence of technical and fast obstacles, and a sand section that will made the circuit even more full of surprises!
The Stadium can hold over 30.000 spectators seated just before the parterre, it adds some rare peculiarities for Europe but very suitable for the Supercross:
– the chance for completely closing and opening the roof in 25 minutes!
– the ability to expel the playground in about about eight hours!
As regards the tickets prices the conspicuous capacity available let us to offer a big range of choice about price and seat, applying the usual fundamental typical in America for support big numbers, with discounts and particoulars prices for the kids.


Adult ticket starting from : €32,90
Child (0-16 years) ticket starting from: €22,30 (20% discount)
for all seated, Child (0-5 years) : € 12,60

Buy now your SUPERPASS ticket: the extra adjunctive pass that will allow you to meet and talk with all the champions racing Arnhem Supercross.
See RIDERS LIST : Your SUPERPASS allows the track walk + autograph session + paddock entrance + more emotions…: Follow the race-day: follow your champions!


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