Today begin the creation of the spectacular track that Saturday 22nd October will host inside the Arnhem Gelredome stadium one of Europe’s most anticipated race of the indoor season.

A real Supercross-style track, where the world’s best riders will contest to win the prestigious event in one the the most beautiful structures, not only in the Netherlands.

The first to have said he wants to win is the American Malcolm “The Predator” Stewart, who decided to race this competition just for the very technical and spectacular track, he will captain the overseas team and surely will not allow easy win to the Europeans, who see the 450 world champion Tim GAJSER, who likes to run on the Supercross tracks and always shown to feel at ease in the tussle on double and triple, in close contact with his opponents.

But it ceratinly will not stand watching the reigning European SX 450 Champion Thomas RAMETTE, which in recent races has proved to be really fit in this season ending. He said he want to make a big show and to target the top places also the home rider Nick KOUWEMBERG, reigning SX 250 champion, whick will prove to be one of the men to beat, especially in front of his home crowd!

These are just a few of the over 110 rider from 16 countries that will contest in the Dutch arena to win the main event and other titles at stake, all to ensure a unique show of its kind.

A track especially studied for the show in the Gelredome, where many dirt trucks will unload their precious material to build doubles, triples and curves in SX-style, but will arrive several cubic metres of fine sand to create a technical and insidious part of the track, that will make the races even more uncertain.


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