A great success for the first edition of Arnhem Supercross, infront of a great public who sow the exciting races comfortably seated on the steps of Gerledome!
Finish_DSC0528Tim Gajser

The major contenders in the finals were the two world champions Tim Gajser on Honda HRC and Factory Yamaha rider Romain Febvre, but the American Malcolm Stewart (Honda Geico) certainly was not watching the two Europeans, and won the second final of the Supercross category.

From the afternoon qualifying session we have seen that the 2016 World MXGP Champion wanted to win the important Trophy by Off Road Pro Racing and immediately pushed hard, taking numerous risks and first final he did two crashes without any problem.

Stewart also forced a lot on very technical and spectacular track, looking in the “main event” to remain in contact with the first riders; in the first race he didn’t finish the race after a crash, but was very strong in the next going to cross the finish line in first position.
FEVBRE-1066Romain Febvre

Febvre, during the press conference had said that he did not have much experience in Supercross, but on the track he pushed very hard and he went to win the absolute of the Supercross Class.

In the final match of the evening, valid for win “ArnhemSX”, Cedric Soubeyras (Suzuki) did a very good start, but after a few laps he was attacked by Febvre, while Gajser did a lot of overtaking after a bad start. For a few laps the Champion of MXGP was close to the leaders and the two show a beautiful duel lasted several laps which ended under the checkered flag with the victory of the HRC rider. Behind Soubeyras ended Stewart, who remounted several positions after starting in the back.

LESIARDO MORGAN SX250Lesiardo Morgan

Not just the big riders on the top class was in the arena of the Holland track, but also many other categories and in 250 won the Italian Morgan Lesiardo (Yamaha), followed by Steven Mages (Kawasaki) and Kadie Walker (Suzuki).

FONVIEILLE CALVIN 125Calvin Fonvielle

In the 125 victory of Calvin Fonvielle (Yamaha) ahead of Bo Declercq (KTM) and Ryan Wittlon (KTM).
ZSOLT COVACS ADAM 85Adam Zsolt Kovacs

Adam Zsolt Kovacs (KTM) won the 85 infront of Nikita Kucherov (Kawasaki) and Boyd Van Der Voorn (Husqvarna).
wlodarkakOlaf Wlodarcak

For the youngest riders of the night, the victory of the “Junior Trophy” went to Olaf Wlodarcak (Cobra) before Cobus Van De Vorstenbos (KTM) and Svenn Borger (KTM).

The Italian staff of the Off Road Pro Racing is already thinking about the next event and you will see at the Gelredome in October of 2017!


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